Soft Sided Cooler with Taller and Slimmer Design for Family Outings and More | Attractive Portable Cooler Includes Two 1 Pound Ice Bricks | Holds a 24 Pack

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By outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts

Designed with the Family in Mind

Most soft-sided coolers only say one thing – that they hold 24 cans. That great and all, but most people don’t use this type of cooler that way. We strategically designed our coolers to be taller and narrower to hold the things you would need on a day out – snacks, juice boxes, bento boxes, chips, and sodas. And the bag carries nicely on your side as a result or hangs over your stroller. It looks great as well, and oh, by the way, can hold 24 cans, too.

Bundled with Two Ice Bricks

Many times we’ve found that the ice bricks we have don’t fit in a bag. They are too narrow or too wide. We designed our ice bricks to perfectly fit the width of the bag as well as the entire length when the two are placed end to end. When used in the middle, they naturally create a platform to separate cold items below and room temperature items on top.

Lightweight and Sturdy

Our cooler is best used at the park, the beach, the zoo, fireworks shows, and more. It’s lightweight, but leak-proof nonetheless. And with our adjustable straps, anyone in the family can help carry the goods.

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The Oak Creek Promise

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