Lightweight Sleeping Bag Bundle | Sleeping Bags That Can Zip Together

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By outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts

  • Sleeping Bag Bundle Comes with Two Individual Sleeping Bags Designed to be Zipped Together to Form a Cozy Double or Simply Used Separately
  • Average Weather Rating at 40 Degrees F with High Loft Synthetic Fill for Multi-Season Camping, Perfect for the Fall, Spring, and Summer or any Cold Weather Climate
  • Queen Size Space when Your Sleeping Bags are Zipped Together for Adults
  • Ultralight with a Total Weight of Less than 5 Pounds and an Outside Layer Made up of 210T Taffeta Fabric
  • Never Roll Your Sleeping Bags Again - With our Travel-Friendly Compression Sacks, Just Stuff and Go

Innovative Design

We have created a one of a kind sleeping bag. It’s the only one on the market that gives you the option of how you want to sleep. Through innovation, our two sleeping bags in the bundle are made to zip together seamlessly to form a traditional double. However, they can also be used individually. Some have been known to stack one on top of the other for extra padding.

3 Seasons

Our sleeping bag pack will keep you warm in almost all sleeping environments. It is designed for Fall, Spring, and Summer with an average weather rating of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The bags are made with a High Loft synthetic fill and water repellent outside layer made of 210T Taffeta fabric.

Queen Sized and More

Each of our sleeping bags is larger than almost all on the market measuring 85 inches long by 29 inches wide. If you can’t do the quick math, that means when they are zipped together, you get 85 inches long by 58 inches wide (and for context, a standard queen size mattress is 80 inches long by 60 inches wide.

Easy to Use and Easy to Carry

Never roll your sleeping bag again. With our travel-friendly, durable compression sacks, just stuff and go. We’ve also included a handy carabiner for you to attach to both bags to latch to your backpack, and it all weighs less than 5 pounds.

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