Floppy Dawg Crate Cover in 30 Inch, 36 Inch, and 42 Inch. Easy to Put On, Take Off, and Adjust. Doubles as a Comfy Blanket. Lightweight and Breathable Polar Fleece.

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We're Pawsitive your dog will love it!

Dogs Love Crate Covers

Dogs have a natural denning instinct. They like resting in a small, safe and enclosed space that provides them protection and a sense of security. A crate is a modern den for a dog. But a crate is not complete without a cover. Without a cover, a crate is more like a cage exposing your dog to the distracting and stressful sights and sounds around the house. A cover completes a crate by creating a private, cozy den for resting and relaxing.

Innovative and Flexible Design

Most crate covers are made of plastic or nylon. They tightly fit around a crate with straps and zippers and are only made to fit one size crate. The Floppy Dawg crate cover is an innovative and flexible design. The cover is made of a soft 100% polar fleece that is lightweight and breathable. Use it as a cover when your dog is crated or a snugly blanket when he’s not.

Fits Most Crates

The Floppy Dawg crate cover comes in three sizes designed to perfectly fit 42-inch, 36-inch, or 30-inch crates measured by length from front to back. Our cover will also fit crates that are smaller than its size by billowing on the sides and the back.

Simple and Easy to Use

There are no instructions needed to install a Floppy Dawg crate cover. It is easy to put on, take off, and adjust. There are no zippers and straps. Throw it on like a tablecloth when you want to use it as a cover and pull it off when you’re done. It even folds and stores like a blanket.

Bold Colors and Attractive Design

The Floppy Dawg crate cover is attractively designed in three bold colors: Slate Gray, Royal Red, and Kale Green.

Machine Washable

The Floppy Dawg crate cover is long lasting with easy care instructions. Simply machine wash with warm water using a mild detergent, do not use bleach, and air dry or tumble on low.

Floppy Dawg

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